Senate Working Group for Sustainability

On 18.12.2019, the Senate of Leibniz Universität Hannover decided to set up a dedicated Senate Working Group (WG) for Sustainability.

Members of the Senat Working Group for Sustainability, from left to right: Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Braun (Leader), Dr. Stephanie Mittrach, Dr. Thomas Steinborn, Lucas Rüsing, Jasmin Vu, Katrin Metge, Dr. Volker Schöber, Claudia Wonnemann, Dr. Jens Ibendorf, Petra Schmiedner, Christine Höbermann, Prof. Dr. Michael Oestreich (01.02.2023)


The WG was established to serve as a forum for the discussion, bundling and coordination of important measures relating to climate protection, sustainable energy supply and overall sustainability at the LUH. In order to have a comprehensive view, the heads of university institutions are also given a voice. The WG’s task is to develop recommendations, specify demands and find solutions to address the sustainability challenges, and to consult the Senate and the Presidential Board.

The WG promotes and facilitates contact between the initiative groups and LUH’s governing bodies (Presidential Board, Senate, University Council), so that measures to improve climate protection and sustainability at LUH can be addressed quickly and efficiently in the future. This covers both operational measures and measures that can be integrated across the curriculum and in research. Proposals are developed on how to create structures at LUH to safeguard efficient coordination and implementation of measures. The WG submits a report on the activities and situation to the Presidential Board and Senate once a semester.

The Senate Working Group for Sustainability also serves as an advisory council for the Green Office.

Who we are?

The WG consists of representatives of the initiative groups Students for Future and LUH for Future, as well as members of the Senate and various faculties. The working group is also complemented by members of the energy management team and environmental staff from buildings management.

Composition of the WG: 4+4 seats for the two initiative groups and 4 additional seats allocated by the Senate. All status groups of Leibniz Universität Hannover are represented in the working group. This ensures that the interests, needs and ideas of all status groups and faculties are reflected in the work of the Senate WG.


The minutes of the Senate Sustainability Working Group meetings are available on the staff portal (access from the LUH data network)