Flight Levy Fund

© Alica Geuder/Green Office

Expeditions, participation in conferences or lectures: Business trips are part of everyday life for employees at Leibniz University Hannover (LUH). For some business trips abroad it is unavoidable to air travel. A flight levy fund has been established at LUH, to compensate the greenhouse gas emissions and other negative environmental effects caused by these trips. Employees who travel by air are asked to pay a lump sum into the fund, so that internal university climate protection projects are supported. Every six months the LUH Green Office decides in consultation with the Senate Sustainability Working Group on the expenditure of the fund money. In the near future, the climate protection projects that have been implemented will be reported on this website.

You are about to plan a business trip and want to save as many emissions as possible? Check your options with our checklist for business trips!
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Realized projects

Project 1: Six trees planted at mechanical engineering campus

In autumn 2023, six fruit trees were planted at LUH´s mechnical engineering campus. The levy fund provided two apple-, two pear-, one cherry-, and one plumtree. One fruit tree can store 10kg of CO2 each year. Furthermore the project contributes to more biodiversity on campus and the trees provide food for various insects.