Lecture series

Besides the Summer Schools, the Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH) offers a range of lecture series that deal with the topic of sustainability. In addition to the regular lectures, these lecture series offer an opportunity to learn about current developments in sustainability, to get answers from experts, meet LUH`s actors and committees aswell as for-future-initiatives and to take part in an interdisciplinary discussion of solution approaches. With this set up, diverse insights and perspectives on sustainability-relevant topics are offered and a dialogue between science and society is facilitated, which is essential for shaping a sustainable future.

The lecture series are open to LUH members as well as to the interested public free of charge.

You can find details on some of the activities below.

Mission 2031: Think future - act sustainably

The Agenda 2030 of the United Nations as well as the 17 sustainable development goals are shared aims of LUH.  The lecture series „Mission 2031“ supports its purpose with speeches from scientifical experts of LUH.

The first series started in June/July 2021. A wide variety of sustainable development goals were center of discussions. In 2022, the lecture series focussed on SDG 7 „clean and affordable energy“.

Another lecture series is planned for 2023. The third series of its kind will focus on SDG 6. The research activities at the university allow different perspectives on water-related topics. 

Eine Hand hält einen leuchtenden Globus Eine Hand hält einen leuchtenden Globus Eine Hand hält einen leuchtenden Globus © Greg Rosenke (unsplash.com)

Energy system transformation

Since its introduction in 2011, the lecture series "Transformation of the Energy System" has been held annually in the summer semester. So far, a total of over 120 lectures have been held. The now 13th lecture series will be held in 2023 as a hybrid event by the Institute of Electric Power Systems together with the Green Office, the Leibniz Research Center Energy 2050 (LiFE 2050) as well as the VDI Bezirksverein Hannover e. V. (Working Group Energy Technology) and the Energy Research Center Lower Saxony (EFZN). From April to July 2023, seven lectures will be held in a two-week rhythm by representatives from the various faculties of LUH, external research institutions, industry and politics. The lecture series will outline the transformation process of the energy system from different perspectives, as well as related problems and approaches to solutions.

Forum: Sustainability

The goal of "Forum: Sustainability" is to connect students, employees and other partners outside of the university and to create innovative, forward-thinking projects together. Students are invited to present interesting results of their projects or thesis with a sustainabilty context.

Previous topics:

  • Pyrolysis as a contribution to climate neutrality
  • Insect alliance Hanover
  • Preservation instead of new construction - "Avoiding demolition as a contribution to the sustainable development of the university campus of Leibniz Universität Hannover"

TRUST Lectures

Every semester, the TRUST Research Center organizes the lecture series "TRUST Lectures on Spatial Transformation", in which both internal TRUST members and external scientists present their research activities and results on various selected framework topics. Everyone from scientists to students and interested laypersons are invited to attend the lectures, which last approximately one hour.

Public Climate School

In 2019 as well as 2021 the Public Climate School (PCS) was supported by LUH, which was organized by Students for Future Hannover. For one week, Students for Future groups from all over Germany, including Students for Future Hannover, organized a broad program around the topics of climate crisis, sustainability and future perspectives alongside the normal lectures and discussed approaches and solutions for a sustainable future. In this way, climate education was to be carried into the universities and society, among other things.