Leibniz Universität Hannover Research Centres for Sustainability and Climate Protection

Leibniz Universität Hannover research centres are united in an inter-faculty organisational structure with the goal of promoting and implementing interdisciplinary alliances on specific topics. They are characterised by a high international and scientific visibility. Especially the topics of sustainability and climate protection require a cross-disciplinary approach to research. The Leibniz Universität Hannover research centres listed below work on projects concerning sustainability and climate protection.


The Leibniz Research Center TRUST "Transdisciplinary Rural and Urban Spatial Transformation" is concerned with the sustainable transformation of urban and rural areas. Scientists representing the fields of natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities, and planning and design, work together on finding solutions for the challenges of sustainable spatial transformation processes.



Research programmes focusing on the sustainable supply of sufficient energy sources are bundled in the Leibniz Research Centre Energy 2050 (LiFE 2050). The centre builds a cross-faculty network of about 30 LUH institutes. LiFE 2050 is also integrated into the Energy Research Centre of Lower Saxony (EFZN). This joint scientific centre bundles Lower Saxony's energy research competencies, actively participates in the ForWind Center for Wind Energy Research and closely cooperates with the affiliated ISFH institute in Hameln in the area of solar research.


"Looking at Planet Earth as the subject of research from different perspectives.” This is the mission statement of the Leibniz Research Centre, with its abbreviated name FZ:GEO. The centre was established in 2018 and approaches the subject from different perspectives by applying various methods and research approaches. Members of the research teams explore the Earth system and strive to provide answers to humanity's pressing questions, many of which are related to Earth System Science.