Food and drink

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The Catering Department of the Hannover Student Union works hard to create a sustainable food system for the Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH) canteens and cafés.

As a general rule, food is carefully selected, using as much regional and seasonal produce as possible. For example, baked goods and meat products are sourced from regional bakeries and butchers, and fish comes from sustainable stocks. In addition, food is cooked "naturally fresh”. Convenience products and additives are avoided as far as possible. Pasta products and the regional Spätzle noodles are homemade and because no eggs are used, pasta dishes are also suitable for vegans. This is particularly important since the daily menu includes at least one vegetarian or vegan dish. Today, around 80 percent of the menu is vegetarian or vegan. The Studentenwerk is striving to increase this even further in the future in order to be able to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for vegetarian and vegan dished, and to reduce the carbon footprint.



Since 2021, the so-called KlimaTeller has been on offer in the university canteens. Meals that cause 50% less CO2 emissions than the average dish are classified as climate-friendly. The plan for the future is to have one KlimaTeller dish on the menu every day.

Sustainable packaging and/or reusable products are increasingly being used. The "KeepCup" reusable coffee cup as an alternative to the disposable paper cup can be bought for 9.50 Euros. Of course, all canteen and café visitors are also welcome to bring their own reusable cups and have them filled. There is a 10 Cent discount on hot drinks bought with a reusable cup. In addition, the "Hannoccino" deposit cup system has been introduced at the Expo Plaza. In the future, it will be extended to additional outlets. Thanks to the practical reusable bowls, food in the cafeterias is also available "to go" without generating packaging waste. The reusable bowls can be borrowed for a deposit of 7 Euro. Guests are also welcome to bring their own takeaway boxes.

Catering is currently working on developing additional offerings for more sustainable food and drink on campus.

Overview of the canteens and cafés at the Leibniz Universität Hannover:

For current information on the topic of sustainability at the Studentenwerk, please refer to the following website: