Environmental Management


The Central Environmental Protection Office offers advice and support in all areas of environmental protection. This includes, amongst others, issues relating to hazardous substances, water-polluting substances, the economical use of energy resources, waste disposal and emission protection. With a dual function, the office also ensures the elimination of occupational safety and health problems identified by safety engineers, fire protection officers and the regulatory authorities. The office centrally maintains and manages information required by environmental protection law and organises legally prescribed expert inspections. The university has recently installed an IT program for managing the university-wide hazardous substances directory. This is now successively being made available to the institutions, with the requirement that the hazardous substances directory is maintained by the relevant departments.

A new addition is the nationwide registration of all evaporative cooling systems and cooling towers via a central register, in which LUH has already entered the relevant systems.

After several Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks had occurred, a nationwide central register has been created in order to be able to quickly locate the originator and to monitor maintenance and testing of such cooling installation.


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