Leibniz Universität for Future

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One year after the start of the initiative, parts of the core group of LUH for Future and guests met in compliance with the Covid-19 measures at Leibniztempel to look back on what has been achieved and to discuss the way forward: Jens Ibendorf, Christine Höbermann, Prof. Dr Ulf Mühlhausen, Prof. Dr Gunter Seckmeyer, Florian Oppermann, Prof. Mathias Frisch (top), Dr Volker Schöber, Karin Mühlhausen, Dr Ina Rust, Rhina Colunge-Peters, Monika Wegener.


Members of the initiative represent all the different status groups (including 20 professors) and a wide range of academic disciplines from all faculties of Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH). They contribute their topics from research and teaching, and from administration. Students are also involved in the initiative. This ensures that contact with Students for Future Hannover is maintained on an ongoing basis in order to develop a sustainable LUH.


Our goals

The goal of the LUH For Future initiative is to firmly anchor the topics of sustainability and climate protection in all operational procedures and processes in the long term. With this transformation of content and structure, the initiative wants to give impulses and contribute new ideas. Sustainability and climate protection are fundamental transversal issues and as such must be used as a connecting element between the faculties, to ultimately become Leibniz Universität Hannover’s distinctive characteristic that sets us apart.

The many decentralised sustainability- and climate protection-related teaching and research activities at Leibniz Universität will be bundled and, if possible, linked with each other. This will open up synergies and promote interdisciplinary research and teaching.


Public events and lecture series are designed to facilitate exchange between LUH staff, students and the general public.

Fields of action

  1. Operations/ Buildings/ Campus Mobility,
  2. Research,
  3. Travelling taking into account the need to include international experiences into studies,
  4. Teaching and further education,
  5. LUH-structures
Interested LUH employees of all status groups are welcome to join the community group in StudIP.