Sustainable products in the LeibnizSHOP

Eine junge Frau sichtet bunte T-Shirts und Hoodies im Shop Eine junge Frau sichtet bunte T-Shirts und Hoodies im Shop Eine junge Frau sichtet bunte T-Shirts und Hoodies im Shop © LUH

Coffee mugs, T-shirts and much more: The LeibnizSHOP offers a variety of merchandise featuring Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH) design. The shop will consistently expand its range of sustainable and sustainably produced products over the coming years. But already today, the shop has a dedicated Sustainable & Fair product section.

The range includes a large number of products with recognised environmental labels. This enables customers to see at a glance whether and to what extent the products are certified. In order to ensure greater transparency in production, supply chains and product disposal, sustainability profiles are available for many of the goods on offer in the shop. Sustainable products are also clearly identified by price tags circled in green and by green labels. Sustainable products on offer include notebooks made from FSC-certified paper, recycled T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, recycled pens and bread bags.

The range is to be successively expanded to include additional sustainable products. "Our concept lays clear emphasis on the sustainable handling of products and sustainability in production processes. At the same time, it is essential that we promote fair and transparent working conditions and fair wages in order to secure the livelihood of our production partners in the long term. Producing goods in European countries is also an important aspect to us," says Mechtild v. Münchhausen, who as the Head of Communications and Marketing is responsible for overseeing the LeibnizSHOP product range. "We would like to see our customers supporting our efforts by considering their shopping behaviour, thereby showing their commitment that they want to play a part in achieving our goal of making Leibniz University merchandise sustainable.”

For the current opening hours of the store in the basement of the Welfenschloss, please refer to the website: There you can also order the entire range of LeibnizSHOPS online.