Ökoprofit Hannover

ÖKOPROFIT Hannover is an initiative of the City of Hannover that aims to reduce operating costs and save money through sustainable business management and environmental protection measures. Leibniz Universität Hannover has been involved in this regional project for ten years now and has already successfully implemented a number of effective and cost-reducing measures. Participation in the project brought a fresh perspectives and new ideas for more cost-effective environmental management through the participating network and sustainable cooperations.

The introduced measures, including the retrofitting of compressors, the installation of a new ventilation system with heat recovery in the Audimax, the conversion of secondary cooling water units, the change from conventional to LED lighting in an auditorium building and the replacement of a hydraulic unit with a pulsator, resulted in an annual saving of 63,136 kg of CO2 emission and €335,831 in energy costs. Replacing the hydraulic unit alone leads to annual savings of up to 600,000 kWh of electricity and €105,000 in energy costs.

In the future, additional environmentally friendly and money-saving measures will follow, such as the continuation of the conversion to LED lighting, the complete renovation of the big physics lecture hall and the energy-efficient renovation of the library's roof surfaces.

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